Sam Baxter

Junior, Business Major

“What can I do to help?” Sam Baxter is a bona fide TCU student connector. Involved in countless campus organizations, willing to do more, and always able to see the possible, Sam is a natural connector. The youngest of three horned frogs (his two older sisters are TCU alums), Sam wears the purple proudly.

Dr. Suzy Lockwood

Director, Undergraduate Nursing Studies

“I am an incredibly strong believer in the principles that form the basis for the TCU Center for Connection Culture. It is at the core of who I am and how I have always been. To be recognized as the 2015 TCU Connection Hero is very meaningful to me.”

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What is a connection hero?

Connection heroes embody the spirit of connection by serving as role models and active participants in promoting TCU’s Connection Culture. They develop relationships with colleagues, provide support to faculty, staff, and students and they empower others. If you know a faculty member, staff or student who represents the best of connection principles at TCU, please take a minute to nominate them as a Connection Hero. Click on the links to tell us more.

What is TCU's Connection Culture?

TCU was founded in 1873 by brothers Addison and Randolph Clark on the principles of a co-educational tradition, engaged instruction, and a sense of community. As the campus grew and moved from Thorp Spring to Waco and then to Fort Worth, the commitment to connection never wavered.

Nurtured by successive TCU presidents and chancellors, university leaders have built a supportive, accessible and friendly campus. Even as the academic rigor has continued to escalate, they have insisted upon engagement in the university community, making certain to foster relationships with employees, students and alumni and the larger community.

TCU’s tradition of connection benefits from the teacher/scholar model, a fixed medium-sized enrollment, a walking campus, and an interdisciplinary curriculum led by a collegial faculty. Most importantly, TCU’s Chancellor Victor Boschini is a role model for connection and by his actions, encourages others to emulate him.